8 tips for a successful Oscars party at home

World famous party designer Edward Perotti shares his tips and tricks with Hello!

Planning an Oscars bash at home may seem simple but in these continuing challenging times, it's easy to get lost in the details. Luckily, one of the world's most in-demand event designers - Edward Perotti - has shared his tips and tricks with HELLO!

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From working with Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas, to designing events at landmark spaces like the Louvre in Paris to the Great Wall of China, Edward knows how to make each event special and personal. So whether you're doing a large-scale party for everyone you know, or a small gathering in your studio apartment, here are eight pieces of advice you need to follow.

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The first rule of party planning:

Have fun! "There is nothing worse than being so stressed out during the planning process that you don’t get to enjoy the benefit of all your work," says Edward, admitting that you should also not be afraid to get a little "creative" with your ideas.

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Red and gold are color themes that always work:

"Decorations can be easier to come by if you plan. Red, gold, crystal and glass are always the safest to play with," shared Edward.

"Look at red velvet for a table runner or tablecloth, crystal candlesticks with gold candles, and roses. Red roses are a must."

Red velvet 108-inch table tunner. Bed Bath and Beyond, $20.79


The usual suspects including Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond and Wayfair all have runners across all budgets.

Bed Bath and Beyond has a red velvet 108-inch Table Runner for $20.79 for members, while Wayfair's 14x108-inch runner is $28.99.

For Gold candles, Amazon is your friend with a pack of 12 unscented taper candles available from the Mega Candles Stores for $20.99 while crystal candlesticks are an investment piece that will serve you well for years to come.

We love the Monique Lhuillier glass taper set of three from Pottery Barn for $79.

Monique Lhuillier glass taper set, Pottery Barn, $79


Small living spaces need smaller ideas:

"Living in a small space should not stop you from entertaining. When it comes to food, keep it to small bites. You can do a large variety, just keep them bite size," insists Edward.

"When serving, think about height! Find creative ways to create tiers and levels on your table.

"Use cake stands or purchase simple inexpensive glass cylinder vases (you can often find them at your local craft store) that you can use as your stacking legs. This simple hack will give you twice as much room on your table."

Godinger 3 Tier Black and White Enamel Cake Stand , QVC, $69.50


For cake stands, think long term. What will you use again and again for other events? Simple colorways like black and white are timeless.

One other piece of advice? "Spread your food around your space. This avoids clusters of people all gathering in one area."

Learn to edit:

Going overboard when you're the party host seems a given, but Edward says we must learn to edit ourselves "in speech, dress, emails - and it’s the same for events".

"The challenge of the creative process is that your energy gets going, excitement kicks in and you’re having fun. And then you need to pull back and edit. But you’ll end up with a better result. My rule is simple: when it feels like you’re done, step back, sit down and close your eyes for a minute," he suggests.

"When you open your eyes (without hesitation) remove two items from your décor. Don’t look back, don’t over think, don’t second guess. Know that your instincts will guide you."

Bubbles are always the winner when it comes to drinks:

"If I could, I would drink champagne daily," says Edward, a man after our own hearts.

Champagne Fleur de MIRAVAL, Wine.com, $349


This year, those attending the Governors Ball immediately following the Oscars ceremony will enjoy Champagne Fleur de MIRAVAL - the only Champagne house exclusively devoted to Rosé Champagne - along with two limited edition Francis Ford Coppola Wines, a Cabernet Sauvignon which retails for $79 and a buttery, caramel Chardonnay, available for $69.

To mix things up, Edward suggests a bellini bar to cater to the wider variety of preferences, and when it comes to food, he says find what speaks to your group personally - whether that's wings or pates.

"The goal is to enjoy yourselves and give your guests an experience that is uniquely you," he says.

Boredom kicking in? It's game time.

The Oscars ceremony is long and can be known to get tiresome, so Edward suggests that games should always be on hand.

"Oscar Bingo is a great way to keep the attention on the ceremony. You can create a trivia game based on the awards categories. Even a drinking game for every time the music tries to play someone off before they’re done with their acceptance speech," he suggests.

Print out your own Oscars bingo game 

Invitations the 21st century way:

Technology is intertwined in our lives but Edward believes that we still crave real connections so personal invites can work best.

"For your smaller parties, you do a personal reach out to each guest. Tell them of your plans and then follow it up with an official ‘digital’ invite using one of the many free platforms available," such as Paperless Post.

Get over those nerves:

Planning and hosting a party can be anxiety inducing, so Edward says stick with what will make you comfortable - especially when it comes to safety protocols.

Vaccinations and masking, social distancing plans and food arrangements can all be decided and shared with guests ahead of time so everyone knows what to expect. "Be as transparent as possible with your guests," says Edward and don't take it personally if an invite is declined.

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