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13 instant changes to reduce your electricity bills

Low-cost switches to do now

electricity saving
Rachel Avery
Rachel AveryHomes Editor
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As we are in the midst of the energy crisis, many households are seeking ways to reduce their gas and electricity bills. There are many home improvements such as insulation, solar panels and other eco-upgrades that will cut your energy costs in the long run, but there are also relatively easy, low-cost ways to save on your electricity today.

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Air Filter experts, Filter King, have shared some helpful tips on the best ways to lower your electricity bills, and here's what you should be doing right away…

1. Lower your water heater's temperature

By lowering the temperature of your hot water heater, even if by a few degrees, you can save significant cash. This is the appliance that heats the entire water supply in your home after all, so savings really add up.

washing up save electric© Photo: Alamy

Wash up by hand to save money

2. Do your dishes by hand

Yes, the dishwasher may be an easier option, but it is costly. You save electricity when you forego using the dishwasher – so whack on some tunes, a pair of rubber gloves and get scrubbing.

3. Turn off the heated drying system on your dishwasher

If you really can't part with your dishwasher, there is another solution. Many homeowners are unaware of this, but a dishwasher will heat the air it produces to dry the dishes, when it doesn't need to. By turning this setting off, your dishes will still be able to dry whilst in the dishwasher, which in turn will help you to reduce your spending.

dishwasher© Photo: Alamy

Check your dishwasher settings today

4. Don't overcrowd your fridge and freezer

When you have too much food in your fridge or freezer, the appliance struggles to keep the items of food cold, which results in it working harder to do its job. So don't overcrowd your fridge!

5. Clean your refrigerator's condenser coils

Refrigerator condenser coils are tasked with making sure that your refrigerator's cooling and heating system work effectively. These coils get dirty pretty quickly because they are positioned on the bottom, back of the appliance, and are often forgotten. If the coils are not regularly cleaned however, your refrigerator has to work much harder to do its job which causes your electricity bill to go up.

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6. Line or air dry your laundry

If you want to save on your electric bills, air dry your laundry outside or by the radiator and forego the go-to dryer.

7. Install a dimmer switch on your lights

Dimmer switches allow you to turn the lights down so they are not operating at full power – and they can be installed without an electrician!

8. Do not preheat the oven

Forget everything you've been taught! Many recipes tell you to preheat your oven, in truth, doing so uses a lot of electricity with very little benefit. In fact, preheating does little to nothing to enhance dish preparation.

oven© Photo: Alamy

Forget preheating your oven

9. Place high energy appliances away from each other

The closer high energy appliances are to each other, the more electricity they pull because of the combined heat they emit, so if you can, spread them about.

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10. Use LED light bulbs

LED bulbs are designed to save energy and therefore last a lot longer than regular light bulbs. This is a small change, but the savings add up.

11. Use appliances when electricity rates are lowest

By contacting your local electric company by phone or online, you can find out when peak and off-peak hours are scheduled and use your appliances accordingly.


A good excuse to quit ironing 

12. Use shower heads with low flow rates

Water-saving shower heads are a great solution to save on water and electricity.

13. Decrease or limit ironing time

The perfect excuse to skip out on ironing, as it uses up so much energy. But if you have to, save up your pile and do it all in one go rather than lots of smaller sessions throughout the week.

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