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Gogglebox stars Mary and Giles share shocking revelation about Wiltshire home amid relocation reports

The pair are considering a move to London

Giles and Mary on Gogglebox
Nicky Morris
Nicky MorrisTV and film writer
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Gogglebox stars Giles Wood and Mary Killen are fan favourites on the Channel 4 reality show and frequently delight fans with their dry jokes and witty remarks while catching up on the week's TV from their Wiltshire home. 

Their eccentric cottage, featuring mismatched armchairs and floral wallpaper, has become a memorable feature of the show. But did you know that the couple recently discovered ghosts in their home? 

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In a new interview, the TV stars revealed that after suspecting that spirits has joined them in their home, they enlisted the help of exorcism expert Georgia Coleridge, who discovered three ghosts within the house. 

Giles told the Daily Star: "She identified three ghosts of former occupants. None of them malign but all of them 'stuck'.

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"One, who had sat huddled at the fireplace for many years, 'was a simple fellow, he didn't think much'. If we consider the low expectations of agricultural workers of the previous centuries, the lack of stimuli, education or even curiosity, this could only be expected.

Giles and Mary in their Wiltshire home on Gogglebox© Channel 4
Giles and Mary live in Wiltshire

"Another was a boy of 16. The third an old lady who had lived during Queen Victoria's reign," he added, before explaining that Georgia had helped the spirits to move on from the Wiltshire property. 

"She also expelled a cohort of nature spirits in the kitchen (where Mary and I argue the most) and I helped by enthusiastically swishing a smoking sagebrush torch in the direction of the back door, which had been opened to allow the exeunt omnes," he explained. 

The news comes amid speculation that the Channel 4 stars may be relocating to London from their country home. 

giles and mary
Giles and Mary are fan favourite armchair experts on Gogglebox

In their new book Country Life, the couple revealed that after 30 years in their zany cottage, they have tired of the lack of transport and the local shops and are considering a move to the Big Smoke. 

Giles explained: "Were I a shrub, I would say I have only tentatively put down roots here in Wiltshire. They are not yet thick or stubborn enough to prevent me from uprooting myself for the final chapter of my life.

"After 30 years, I am now ready to transplant myself again."

giles mary gogglebox
Giles and Mary are considering moving to London

Mary agreed, adding: "As a woman who can't drive, I have been exiled these past three decades to a village without a bus service. It means that, over the years, I've missed at least 600 London parties, gallery openings and book launches, to say nothing of memorial services and lectures and art exhibitions."

She went on to say that "a London dwelling would be the best choice for the final decade of life", but concluded that "the jury's out" on whether they'll actually sell their home. 

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