Michael Jackson's ex Debbie Rowe denies custody payout as revealing emails surface


As reports continue to surface about Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe and her position in future custody of his three children, the former dermatology nurse has denied she has agreed to take millions of dollars to give up her parental rights.

Eric George, Debbie's lawyer confirmed in a letter to the New York Post this week that the 50-year-old "has not and will not" give up her parental rights. He added she will not take any money beyond the spousal support she agreed with Michael years ago.

Currently her legal representatives are in talks with Michael's mother Katherine Jackson – whom the singer named guardian of his two children with Debbie, Prince Michael, 12, 11-year-old Paris, and seven-year-old Blanket, whose surrogate mother remains unknown.

No agreement has been reached regarding visitation rights or custody, Mr George confirmed.

Further adding to the drama however, on Wednesday, Rebecca White, who claims to be a friend of Debbie's, showed emails on a US TV show in which the mum-of-two reportedly claims she did not want custody of the children.

"I'm not going after custody. These kids are not mine. They were never mine. They were always Michael's. I was Michael's best friend," reads one email, supposedly written on July 2 by the Washington-born blonde.

Meanwhile Michael's brother Tito has spoken out against claims his sibling is not the biological father of his children, saying the truth is obvious to anyone who looks into their eyes, especially little Blanket's.

"They are all his children. Blanket is Michael's I can tell," he told the Mirror. "Those eyes don't lie. Them eyes are Michael over again. I see a lot of Michael in him."

After dismissing questions over the king of pop's parenthood based on skin colour, Tito also added: "The kids are like three peas in a pod, they remind me of me and my brothers when we were growing up."

The 55-year-old revealed that the youngsters have been brought up to know their daddy is a worldwide superstar and that going out in disguise was a way for them to do normal childhood things. "A lot of the time they were out on public and no one knew who they were," he revealed.

And as the custody battle continues, Tito said his niece and nephews would be "well taken care of and looked after". "They are Michael to us. They will go to college and become successful in their own ways," he said.

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