A centre for disabled dogs is due to open this year – and it's inspired by one special doggy

It'll be the first of its kind in the UK

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A dedicated centre for disabled dogs is set to open later this year in Yorkshire by animal charity Miracle's Mission. Founder Victoria Bryceson says the home will help any type of disabled dog with treatment and care, as well as taking in rescue dogs who have been born with disabilities – the centre will also help them find their forever homes. Miracle's Mission already has a waiting list of dogs in need of help, and once open, the charity will offer a medical assessments including MRIs, surgeries and the fitting of prosthetics and doggy wheels as well as a range of rehabilitation methods such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

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Ella is in the inspiration behind the centre for disabled dogs

Victoria was inspired to open the centre after her late dog, Ella, who she adopted from a shelter. Ella lived as a stray for the first two years of her life in Egpyt. She was cruelly thrown off a building, and broke her back which led to her leg being amputated. Victoria found Ella in a shelter, and says she knew instantly that she'd be bringing Ella back to the UK. And despite her disability, along with other health complications, Victoria says that Ella "lived life to the very fullest, each day." "She was one of the most energetic, lively and fastest dogs in the park every day. I can't stress enough how much of an absolute inspiration Ella is to the world. She had knockback after knockback and she bounced back smiling every time. The centre will offer more dogs like her the chance that they so badly deserve to live a happy life."


Miracle, who the charity Miracle's Mission is named after

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The charity is currently trying to raise £20,000 to get the centre up and running, and is also looking for volunteers to help with the dogs' daily routines and treatments as well as tradespeople to help adapt the building. Visit Miracle's Mission to find out how you can help.

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