11 ways to keep your dog cool this summer

No hot dogs here, thank you

Carla Challis

Your summer shopping list is probably full of fans for your house, parasols for the garden, paddling pools for the fam and ice lolly kits aplenty – and don't forget to add cooling dog products to your to-buy list too, especially with the heatwave incoming this week. Our beloved pooches need to stay nice and chilled throughout the warmer months, and there are plenty of products to keep your dog cool. After all, they can suffer from heat stroke too - in the last three months alone, the RSPCA has received 330 calls on the issue of people leaving dogs in hot cars. Some tips to keep your dogs safe during a heatwave include:

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1. Avoid walking your dog during the day when the sun is out - instead, go for walks in the morning or evening when the weather is cooler and there is no beating sun

2. Always provide plenty of shade and access to fresh water - however, dogs cool themselves by panting and evaporation - in high humidity this is less effective, and shade alone is not enough so be sure to seek air conditioning

3. Check the pavement surface – if you can't hold your hand there for more than seven seconds then it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.

4. Watch out for signs of heatstroke including dribbling, difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and collapsing - this is an emergency and you should go straight to a vet

5. It's also recommended that you look into buying some cooling products for dogs, like cooling jackets, paddling pools and ice treats, so we've rounded up some of the best summer dog essentials that your furry BFF will love.

Shop the best products to keep dogs cool during a heatwave

Think of this as a portable ice jacket for your pup, perfect for sunny dog walks. The coat comes with removable ice packs and has an underlay of foam for storing cool water. It's made from heat-releasing fabric too.


Stay Cool dog coat, from £10.47, Groomers Online


You can offer cool, fresh drinking water to your pup all day long with this dog drinking fountain. It even purifies the water for them too. 


PetKit Smart Drinking Fountain, £45, Argos


Pop this mat into your dog's favourite bed to help them keep cool throughout the day. The self-cooling pad stays around three degrees cooler than normal fabric, don't you know.


Archie&Oscar Mat, from £9.78, Wayfair


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Looks delicious doesn't it? This dog toy is perfect for freezing, simply fill with water, freeze, and your dog has an ice lolly to chew all day long. 


Fill'n'Freeze Ice Cream Dog Toy, £5, Pets At Home


You can't beat a paddling pool on a hot summer day. This pooch pool is foldable too, and can easily be stored away for next year.


Dan Shang Dog Paddling Pool, from £18.99, Amazon


Cooling gel material helps to keep this mat on the chilly side. For anyone with dogs who have a tendency to chew, this mat is designed to be bite and tear resistant, so should stay in one piece.


Summer Pet Bed Cooling Mat, from £13.99, Dog Chews


According to experts, SPF15 is the highest factor of sunscreen recommended for dogs without causing them irritation. Don't forget to apply to their ears and face, too.


Petkin SPF15 Spray, £6, Amazon


Keep them hydrated on a walk with their own water bottle – this one has a handy built-in bowl for drinks to go.


Ultimate Pet Travel Water Bottle, £29.99, Dog Chews


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You can even get ice cream for your dog too. A welcome reward on hot days, it’s made from real banana and honey and is the perfect post-walk pick-me-up.


Billy+Margot Iced Treats, from £2.80, VioVet


This clever bowl keeps your dog's food nice and cold for hours. Once frozen, the cool gel inside will keep their kibble cool and fresh.


All For Paws Chiller Bowl, from £8.99, VioVet


Oh hello stylish doggy - how cool, literally, are these ice bandanas? Simply soak for 10minutes, wrap around your pup and they'll cool pretty all day long.


Dog Ice Bandanas, £6.99, Amazon


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