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Man admits dating app success is all down to his dog… and tbh we’d swipe right too

"Pretty obvious that everyone was interested in the dog and not me, but we’re alright with that"

man uses dog dating app
Anna Johnstone
Head of Social
19 March 2020
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Admit it, we’ve all tweaked our dating profile to try and rack up those matches. Whether we’ve posted a photo from an annual gym outing, confidently shown off our ‘cookery skills’ (not pictured: the burnt lasagne 20 minutes later), or chosen a particular selfie which really nails our best side… we’ve picked them for a reason. However, let’s all agree that nothing works better than a picture with a dog, and Dom Dickinson certainly agrees, as he attributes his recent success to his Poochon pup, Oscar.

GOOD NEWS: Meet Dom Dickinson and his dog, Oscar

Dom, 28, from Watford, who split up with his girlfriend in 2016, asks one pretty important question: "Is it me or my dog that she's attracted to?

dom dickinson dog

Dom says that it's Oscar that gets him dates... do you agree?

"I've used Tinder, Bumble and Hinge dating sites on-and-off for about three-and-a-half years, ever since I split up with my ex-girlfriend. Then, as soon as I uploaded pictures of me and Oscar to my profile when I first got him, the female attention went crazy. I ended up with about ten times as many matches as I'd been getting before - which is great."

dom dog dating app

Would you swipe right?

He adds: "Seeing a dog instead of a baby in a baby carrier… it’s a conversation starter. Pretty obvious that everyone was interested in the dog and not me, but we’re alright with that."

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So, if you meet Dom on Hinge, can you expect Oscar to turn up too? Sadly, Dom says that although he’s taken his furry friend with him on dates, he "ends up focussing more on him than [he does] on the person [he’s with]", so sadly that’s a "no-go". However, who’s to say that you won’t meet Oscar on a later date? Because we all know that you can’t truly let someone into your life without your dog liking them first. BRB, adding Fido to every single one of our profiles.

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dating app puppy

Dom even admits to bringing Oscar on dates!

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