Birthday girl Michelle still game for a laugh at 48

This week, she turned 48 years young, and it seems that Michelle Obama is as fun-loving as ever. 

Barack Obama's wife was in high spirits as the couple threw open the doors of the White House to welcome the Saint Louis Cardinals, the winners of the 2011 World Baseball Championship.

The pair were like any other excited fans as they were presented with their own personalised shirts which read 'Obama 44' – because he's America's 44th president.



Michelle giggled her way through the proceedings while her husband dubbed the strapping athletes " the greatest comeback team in the history of baseball". 

The team thrilled the nation in last November's baseball World Series by staging a last-minute triumph.  

After Tuesday's presentation, Barack and his first lady headed out to celebrate her birthday at the BLT Steak House, where the menu includes a calorie-laden $28 'Obama' burger.

Of Michelle's 48th on January 17, the US leader gallantly joked: "When we first married, it was a little controversial that she was 20 years younger than me, but now it seems to have worked out OK."

Even though the birthdays are rolling by, there's no doubt that the savvy spouse still has her finger on the pulse.

Just last week, the Mom-in-Chief went live on Twitter to bolster her husband's re-election campaign.

She gained 90, 000 followers in under a week, and her first tweet read: "Hi, everyone, and thanks for the warm welcome. Look forward to staying in touch with you here – mo". 

Her initials – MO – will be used to personalise her tweets to voters and distinguish them from those of advisors.

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