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Male bonding for David and Barack

Male bonding for David and Barack

It's not known if they were discussing the economic crisis or how to bring about world peace. But, whatever the topic, two of the world's most powerful men seemed to be relishing their hot dogs when they attended a basket ball match. David Cameron's state visit to the US got off to a bang when Barack Obama whisked him off on Air Force One.

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The gesture was significant, as Mr Cameron is the only foreign leader President Obama has personally invited to travel aboard the plane. Their destination was Ohio, where they sat courtside at a university basketball fixture and tucked into their fast food as Barack animatedly explained the game. Afterwards, the pair gave a joint interview, with David saying: "It's pretty fast and furious. It's hard to follow sometimes exactly who's done what wrong".

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And although they were clearly off-duty, Barack revealed there was a diplomatic pact made between the two, saying: "He's going to teach me cricket because I don't understand what's going on with that".  Meanwhile, the leaders' glamorous wives caught up at an Olympic themed event in Washington DC. All four will join forces for a black tie state dinner on Wednesday night.

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