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Prince Charles visits Tottenham two and a half years after London riots

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Prince Charles has paid a visit to the north London suburb of Tottenham to learn about the £1billion regeneration scheme of the area since the 2011 riots.The Prince of Wales, 65, was making his fourth visit to the area to see how much progress had been made. Dressed in a smart navy suit, the royal was given a warm welcome by the locals who seemed excited to talk about their plans for the neighbourhood.A number of charities that Prince Charles supports were tasked with collaborating to support locals in Tottenham at the time of the riots.

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Prince Charles has visited Tottenham three times since the riots

Gathered around a table at the 639 Centre in Tottenham, Prince Charles listened intently as he met with young people, including pupils from local schools, young entrepreneurs from the area and members of the Haringey Youth Council.

The immaculately dressed students spoke to the royal about what it meant for them to be from Tottenham – the area that sparked the 2011 clashes after the shooting of local resident Mark Duggan.

Prince Charles also spoke to young entrepreneurs about issues in the suburb and what it was like to work there, including Gina Moffat who ran the centre's cafe. After talking with the group, the second-in-line to the throne looked delighted to view some of the projects by the young enthusiasts and praised their work.

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Long-term plans for the north London suburb include improving transport links, creating 5,000 jobs and providing 10,000 new quality homes.

The Prince of Wales then made his way to Tottenham Green where he was welcomed by authorities involved in the regeneration scheme. The father-of-two heard about the contribution that his charity, The Prince's Foundation for Building Community, had made in the redevelopment projects.

One group that was particularly affected by the riots were the residents of River Heights, who told a sympathetic Prince Charles that they were looking forward to moving back into their flats, which had been demolished after a fire during the riots. A local family with twin daughters spoke with the prince, who looked delighted to meet the smiling toddlers.

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Prince Charles with residents who are moving into their new home  

Prince Charles has visited Tottenham three times before with the Duchess of Cornwall – on 17 August 2011 immediately after the riots, six months after the clashes in February 2012 and nearly a year on in July 2012.Each time, the royal couple met locals including shopkeepers, community centre staff and emergency services employees to find out how the community was recovering.