Prince Harry visits French Embassy to pay his respects to victims of Paris shooting

Prince Harry paid his respects to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. The 30-year-old joined French ambassador Sylvie Bermann at the French Embassy in London as he signed a book of condolences for those killed in the attack.

In his message Prince Harry expressed his "warmest best wishes" to those affected by the attack in France where gunmen killed 12 people, most of them journalists, at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.


Prince Harry signed a book of condolences at the French Embassy

Speaking after his visit, Sylvie Bermann said: "We greatly appreciate the support of the royal family and the presence of Prince Harry today".

The Prince is one of the latest high profile people to express their condolences, as Barack Obama also signed a message at the White House to say that he will "stand united" with France to ensure that justice is done.

As the manhunt for the gunmen continued, a number of celebrities took to Twitter to speak out in support of the victims, and also write about the importance of freedom of speech.


The Prince expressed his "warmest best wishes" to those affected by the attack

While One Direction star Harry Styles tweeted that he was "thinking of everyone" caught up in the attack, his former flame Cara Delevigne wrote: "Everyone should have freedom to express themselves and not fear for their lives".

David Walliams tweeted a picture of Salman Rushdie and an excerpt from the author's speech in defence of Charlie Hebdo, and posted another message saying that the actions of the terrorists "can never be the will of any god".

Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, JK Rowling and Elijah Wood also added their voices to the chorus of support for victims.