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Prince Charles and Camilla land in U.S. for four-day visit

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Just weeks before the birthof Prince William and KateMiddleton's second baby, those of us in America get a special royaldelivery from Prince Charles and Camilla,Duchess of Cornwall. The couple touched down in the U.S. on Tuesday fortheir official tour of the country where they will meet President Barrack Obama and visit Muhammad Ali’shometown.

Prince Charles and Camilla touched down in the U.S. on Tuesday Photo: Getty Images

AlthoughCharles and Camilla, who wore a Bruce Oldfield dove grey coat and dress, weremeant to be greeted by Sir Peter Westmacott, he was unable to make it to thetarmac due to a car accident along the way. Instead, strong winds and IanWiggins, deputy head of the British embassy's political office, greeted thecouple as they exited their plane that landed at Andrews air forcebase.

The royal couple was greeted with strong winds Photo: Getty Images

"I amso pleased to welcome The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall back tothe United States, ten years after their first official visit together,"said Sir Peter, who met the couple later at a reception. "Their trip toWashington and Kentucky will showcase the best of the transatlanticrelationship — promoting democratic values, combating climate change,preserving the natural environment, creating opportunities for the nextgeneration — and provide yet another reminder of the essential role the RoyalFamily play in keeping that relationship special."

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While the royal couple willmake visits at numerous places like George Washington’s home at Mt. Vernon, anArmed Forces retirement home and the National Archives, where the Prince willmark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, their most talked aboutengagement will surely be meeting President Obama on March 19 in the Oval Office.This meeting comes just six months after Prince Charles warmly greeted thePresident during a reception at the Nato summit in Newport, Wales.

A moment captured by someone on Twitter of President Obama and Prince Charles meeting in September Photo: Twitter

Alsoduring their short trip to the States, Charles and Camilla will make a stop inLouisville, Kentucky on March 20 where the Prince, who is expecting his secondgrandchild, will give a keynote address to an audience of health practitioners,business, faith and community leaders addressing links between health and ournatural environment. He will also receive an award for exceptional leadership inconservation from the International Conservation Caucus Foundation.

Duringthat time, Camilla will visit a food literacy project for youth at a local farm and willvisit the Shakespeare Theatre Company where she will tour the theatre, meetstaff and children who use the theatre and then view a short production by thecompany's Text Alive program.

Prince William met with the President in December during his official visit to the United States Photo: Getty Images

This trip willbe the 19th official visit for Prince Charles and the second for Camilla.President Obama met with Charles' son William back in December during Will andKate's official visit to the United States, just shortly after the coupleannounced that they were expecting a second child.