Who will take part in Sandringham Prince Harry and Meghan Markle crisis talks?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's future within the royal family will be discussed on Monday

Following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's shock decision to step back from their positions as senior members of the royal family, the Queen is set to host a crisis meeting with her grandson on Monday in an attempt to resolve a workable solution for everyone. The discussion will be held at Sandringham, with Prince Charles and Prince William joining them, while Meghan – who has since flown back out to Canada to be with the couple's eight-month-old son Archie – is thought to be joining the meeting via a conference call. Issues for debate will include how much money Prince Harry and Meghan will receive from Charles' estate, their HRH titles and what commercial deals they can strike. It is expected that a secretary will be there to make notes and that a second meeting will be arranged following the first discussion. There will also be a number of diplomats and key players in the decision making that will be joining the royals on Monday, take a look below at everyone expected to take part.

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The Queen

The Queen, who is head of state and head of the royal family, will have the final say in the matter. The longest-reigning monarch has a close relationship with Harry and is said to have been left hurt by Harry and Meghan's actions, although she is known to approach problems in a calm and pragmatic way.

The Queen will have the final decision at the crisis meeting

The Queen's private secretary Sir Edward Young

Sir Edward Young has worked for the Queen for 16 years and is responsible for supporting her in her duties as head of state and works as the channel of communication between the royal and the government. Sir Edward reportedly played an influential role in getting the Queen to star in the 2012 Olympics opening sequence film with James Bond star Daniel Craig.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles is heir to the throne, and currently funds his son and daughter-in-law's public duties through his £21million-a-year Duchy of Cornwall income. Charles is committed to his royal duties, and while he is said to be unhappy with how Harry and Meghan announced their decision to take a back seat from royal duties, he ultimately wants them to be happy.

Prince Charles' principal private secretary Clive Alderton

Clive Alderton is a career diplomat and became Britain's ambassador to Morocco after serving as an aide at Clarence House for six years. He regularly accompanies Charles on tour and is popular with both the future King and the Duchess of Cornwall.

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Prince William will be joining his family at Sandringham on Monday

Prince William

Prince William will be attending the crisis meeting. As an heir to the throne, his position in the royal family differs vastly from Harry's. William is said to have been shocked by his brother and sister-in-law's actions, and Harry has admitted that they aren't as close as they used to be.

Prince William's private secretary Simon Case

Simon Case has had a vast amount of experience before working for Prince William as his private secretary, including being a leading civil servant tasked with trying to solve the border issue in Northern Ireland and Ireland during Brexit discussions. He has also worked as a principal private secretary for David Cameron.

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Prince Harry is set to voice his desired outcome to his family

Prince Harry

Prince Harry will be the only one present out of him and Meghan at the crisis meeting, although Meghan is likely to join in via a conference call. The royal will be able to voice their desired outcome and put it to the rest of his family, with the hope that everyone will come to the same agreement.

Prince Harry's private secretary Fiona Mcilwham

Fiona Mcilwham is a top diplomat and became one of the UK's youngest ever ambassadors when she was posted to Albania aged just 35 in 2009. She has described herself on social media as a "wannabe supermum", and also has diplomatic posts in Washington, Brussels, Baghdad and Sarajevo.

Meghan Markle will be joining the meeting via a conference call

Meghan Markle

While Meghan Markle has left the UK to be with baby son Archie, she is thought to be dialing into the meeting as the proposals on offer are discussed. Meghan first joined the royal family in 2018 and admitted during a recent documentary with Tom Bradby that she was struggling with the negative media attention she was receiving as a result of being in such a high-profile institution.

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