Travel in style like Gigi Hadid with these 9 luxurious accessories

By Mary Peffer

Summer travel is in full swing and whether you are headed off on a long beach weekend or jet-setting across the globe we've rounded up the most fashionable travel accessories to get you where you need to be in style. We're taking inspiration from jet-setting celebs like model Gigi Hadid, spotted wearing layers, comfy sneakers and toting a stylish leather bag when she was spotted at LAX this week.

Celebrity travel inspiration: a well-accessorized Gigi Hadid Photo: Getty Images

Of course, we can only guess what she's packed in her carry-on, but here are some great suggestions – from silk and cashmere eye masks to rose-gold headphones that mold the shape of your ear – to make the most of your travels. Scroll below for cool buys that will make any commute feel like a trip to the spa.

DIY Duffle

Hampton’s based brand Miscere has launched a revolutionary weekender bag ($365) with interchangeable center ($70) that allows you to update your look over and over again. They've saved us from having to purchase an entirely new product each time we want to switch up our style, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Available at

Beauty rest

Australian brand Banjo & Matilda has the perfect cozies to get you through just about any journey en vogue. Like their yummy navy stripe jet setter silk/cashmere mask ($100) and travel blanket ($225) which will help you get beauty rest on any commute now matter how long the journey. Available at


Python protection

Looking for an iPad case as luxurious as a handbag? Look no further. The Case Factory's cobalt python covering ($578) is as fancy as they get. So fancy in fact, shoe designer Christian Louboutin made a pair of pumps out of the exact same material. Available at

Easy roller

Rebecca Minkoff's carry-on bag ($495) is the perfect accessory for a 3-day weekend. The snake-print roller comes with a forest green luggage tag just in case you decide to check your belongings. Available at


Rose gold headphones

Finally, headphones that won’t hurt your pierced ears or tear out your hair! Frend's rose gold and white headphones ($199.95) are equipped with memory foam for our listening comfort. Available at

Peachy Pouchettes

Stow away your small goods in Kestrel's coated canvas and leather cases, which are as cute as they are useful. The orange dot print is just peachy and comes in a variety of matchy-matchy stowaways including this duo zip beauty case ($102), passport holder ($48), and jewel box ($68). Available at