Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl's stylish travel diary and tips

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl are the picture of glamour. Consistently gracing covers of glossy magazines and making the perfect couple on red carpets, it's no wonder the handsome duo share their stylish lifestyle with fans on social media and between them visited London, Paris, Beijing, Portofino, Berlin and their hometown of New York in May alone.

HELLO! recently caught up with the posh pair between pit-stops, finding out their key to success when it comes to jet-setting across the world and looking picture-perfect for touch down…


Olivia and Johannes pictured in Marseilles

"We're good travel buddies," Olivia told HELLO!. "Yes," Johannes agreed with his wife of almost a year. "We travel well together." They also agreed they don't bicker when they travel and pretty much have airports, packing and connecting flights down to a science.

"Sometimes travelling gets annoying," added Johannes. "Americans fly direct a lot, but we always connect because we only fly Lufthansa or Swiss. While other people fly direct to London, we fly through Frankfurt or Munich."

The beauty poses upon arrival in Tokyo, Japan

With all of the switching and frequent trips Olivia and Johannes have learned over the years some rules to abide by to make travelling as painless as possible.

Whether it's resisting the urge to hop on in-flight wi-fi or sticking to a favourite brand of suitcase, this travel team has some seasoned advice for any explorer. See their top 5 tips to make any trip stress-free and super stylish.

Johannes, looking as stylish as ever with suitcases to boot

Find a good suitcase
Both Olivia and Johannes swear by their Rimowa luggage. The sturdy structure ensures nothing gets damaged while Johannes likes the various compartments to help keep his clothes wrinkle free. "I love that my shirts come out perfect," he said. "It saves time at the hotel."

Bring your make-up in the carry-on
Ever wonder how celebs get that refreshed look despite sitting on a plane for hours? "I always pack my make-up in my carry-on," revealed Olivia. She admitted a quick smokey eye can have you looking fab while traveling.

Don't use the in-flight wi-fi
There's only a few times in life where you can truly disconnect with a legitimate excuse, so relax and don't hop online on the plane. "I like my peace and quiet. I only do it once in a while when I have to," said Olivia. "It's nice to shut off," agreed Johannes.

Have an in-case-of-emergency outfit
Along with your charger, phone, wallet and passport, Olivia and Johannes suggested packing an outfit in your carry-on baggage. "I always have an extra set of clothes with me in my hand luggage in case my suitcase doesn't arrive," said Johannes.

Don't over pack
Too many pieces of luggage makes transferring and moving from place to place a huge headache, so the couple suggested packing lighter. "I always see people with all of these suitcases, but that would be like your entire wardrobe," said Johannes. "Only one or two are necessary."