Loose Women's wild mum's night out revealed - and it may surprise you

Andrea McLean revealed all during a chat with HELLO!

Back in June, viewers were left for a week without some of their favourite Loose Women panellists as a group of them went on a well-deserved holiday to Ibiza. Photos posted throughout their trip showed just what a great time they were having, and Andrea McLean can confirm that it was indeed the best of times. Chatting to HELLO!, the mother-of-two opened up about their holiday. "Half the team of Loose Women - sorry ITV," she joked. "People were bunking in, sharing rooms, it was a retreat - but it was our level of retreat, and we were allowed to have wine at night!" Andrea also revealed that on one of the night's, her friend who lives there for part of the year took them out, and it sounds like fun!

The Loose Women panel had a great time away in Ibiza

"It was like mum's go wild in Ibiza," Andrea said. "It was really, really fun. We went late night shopping as you do [on holiday], but some of us didn't need to buy anything so we went to find a cocktail bar. We then texted everyone to tell them to come there when they were done. Fast forward two hours later and we were dancing and all of this stuff. And then it got to around 10pm, and we all decided that it was time to go to bed, so we went to a petrol station, got some crisps, and were asleep by midnight!"

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Andrea McLean revealed details of their "wild night out"

Loose Women favourites on the trip included Nadia Sawalha, Stacey Solomon, Kaye Adams and Linda Robson. The women stayed at a villa on the island which was owned by Elite Retreats, which featured a four-day programme of exercise, relaxing and healthy eating - in moderation! Andrea gets on well with her co-stars, and also told HELLO! that she felt extremely lucky to be working with her friends on a job that she loved to do. Many of panellists even attended her wedding to Nick Feeney in November, which was attended by her family and close friends.

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