You can now print your friend’s selfie on your suitcase

If subtle monogramming just ain’t your thing...

If you’re the sort of person who gets frustrated with the revolving luggage reclaim at the airport because literally everyone has the same black suitcase, but you fancy something a little grander than a monogrammed luggage tag, then we’ve found your perfect solution. You can now print an actual face onto your travel baggage, so that there are zero questions when it comes to the conveyor belt as to whose is whose (and we’re pretty sure nobody would be tempted to steal it - no offence). The only tricky bit is picking which selfie you want plastered on your suitcase, or do you choose a friend or family member?

You can get the quirky suitcase covers in three sizes

You can buy the suitcase covers on Firebox, and prices start from £19.99 for a small case, to £29.99 for a large case. Simply upload your picture, and they’ll print your personalised case cover on durable polyester spandex that will fit snugly over your luggage. So if you’re about to head on an exciting travel adventure with your best friend, why not opt for each others’ selfies on your luggage? Alternatively, if you’re heading on your family holiday, you could kit out your kids with your face on their luggage, so that every passenger is aware they’re with you. Or, save it for someone *extra* your pet? On a two week holiday, it’s usually our pooch that we miss the most, so why not try uploading a picture of Fido?

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The only person to have reviewed the product seems delighted with it, saying: “Nothing will please my Father more than seeing his stupid face roaming around the conveyor belt at 4 in the morning on return from Spain." So whether you want to embarrass your travelling buddy, or just spare confusion in the airport, these could be your new travelling essential. We’re not sure whether they’ll get you through airport security faster if you use your passport photo, though...

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