Winter weather in the UK is mildest on record – but expert predicts snow on horizon

BBC Look North in Yorkshire presenter Abbie Dewhurst shared her predictions

After a fairly wet and windy summer in 2021, the British public had high hopes for a crisp, cold and potentially even snowy winter as we head into 2022. While that's not completely off the cards in the coming weeks, it's safe to say that the holiday period was a lot milder than we had anticipated – more wet Christmas than white Christmas if you ask us!

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BBC Look North in Yorkshire presenter Abbie Dewhurst, who has a loyal TikTok following thanks to her fun and informative weather videos, has predicted the long-range weather forecast for HELLO!. Take a look at what the January weather has in store for us, and how that's set to change come Easter…

What is the weather like for the rest of January?

BBC Look North in Yorkshire's Abbie Dewhurst shared her long-range forecast predictions

"The good news is that we seem to be coming out of the worst of the January weather already with a good few days of dry, bright weather on the horizon. The bad news is that could bring some pretty stubborn mist and fog which may spoil things a little. 

"Temperatures look to stay around or slightly above average for the time of year after a cold spell in the first week of the month but things may well change towards the end of the month where there is the potential for things to turn a little wilder."

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How does this January compare to previous years? 

"Manage to see in the New Year watching fireworks outside without your big coat? Yeah. That. It was incredibly mild over New Year with records broken for the warmest New Year’s Eve and Day the UK has seen since records began. 

"But while it started much warmer than average we quickly saw the temperatures drop back to average and then a little below allowing for some snow. It’s not unusual for the temperatures to move around like this but to such extremes isn’t something we see very often."

Will it snow? 

It is more likely to snow over Easter

"Statistically we’re more likely to get snow at Easter than at Christmas so we’re definitely not ruling it out for the next couple of months with a sustained cold spell still looking possible in late winter. 

"As for January itself, it’s not looking likely in the short-range forecast but with the potential of things turning a bit more changeable towards the end of the month and temperatures staying about average, there’s every possibility of a little bit of snow, particularly across Northern England and Scotland. Keep your eyes peeled and visit us Northerners to be in with a chance!"

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