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Mix like a pro at home with the Bamix Deluxe

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24 FEBRUARY 2010

Bamix has long been a name associated with professional kitchens. Their blenders are now available for home use and they have put their years of experience into developing a hard-wearing tough and stylish piece of kit to add to your range of tools and gadgets at home.

The Bamix De Luxe hand blender is precision manufactured in Switzerland and is perfect for all manner of tasks, the majority of which one would normally need a food processor for.

It can liquidise, blend, whisk and chop using its set of four attachments – an aerating blade, beater blade, chopping blade (all stainless steel) and a dry grinder. All add-ons are rust-proof, tasteless, odourless and resistant to corrosive ingredients.

This is a fair chunk more pricey than its counterparts on the market but the proof is in the pudding – and the Bamix De Luxe makes pudding a doddle.

Available from, priced £99.99


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