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Puds from a masterchef

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23 JULY 2010

Gregg Wallace, host of the popular TV show Masterchef (the celeb version has just re-started on BBC1), has brought together his top desserts in his new book, Gregg’s Favourite Puddings.

The former grocer is notorious for his love of a good pud and this is showcased with the choices in this book. These range from the must-have kitchen classics like rhubarb fool , tiramisu and crème brulee to modern ideas like pear, hazelnut and cardamom flan and a must-cook chocolate bread and butter pudding made with brioche.

Gregg’s individual style comes through in his pre-ambles to each recipe, while photography is appetising, sumptuous and inviting.

Click here to read Gregg’s recipe for chocolate mousse tartlets.

Gregg's Favourite Puddings by Gregg Wallace, published by Hamlyn, RRP £17.99


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