Top 5 podcasts every bride should listen to

Planning a wedding is simultaneously one of the most exciting and stressful times for any bride-to-be. Before you've had the chance to even step foot in a dress shop, it’s easy to lose your head in the tiniest of details and become completely overwhelmed by what seems like a never-ending to-do list.

Fear not because Adam Martin, director of content at podcasting platform Acast, has shared the top five podcasts that will help every bride prepare for their big day...


Save the date wedding podcast

The ultimate guide to planning your wedding, Save The Date Wedding podcast, hosted by comedian Aleisha McCormack, will quickly become your bridal bible. Leaving no stone unturned, this series of over 70 episodes covers any and everything wedding related, starting with the proposal to dealing with post wedding blues. You're sure to find the answer to any question; even the ones you didn't realise you had.

The Style Hour

Most brides will have fantasised about their wedding dress as young girls playing with their dolls, more often than not, brides already have a certain look in mind. That said, with a whole host of styles and options to go for, it may seem harder to choose the dress than it was to choose the husband! Perhaps the dress you always dreamed of doesn’t represent your style or suit your body shape any more. Upcoming podcast series The Style Hour gives you advice on dressing to suit your lifestyle, giving you the confidence to pick the right dress for you and for your body.

Nutrition Diva

In the run up to your wedding you will want to be eating well to ensure that you not only look good but feel good, and so the right nutrition is essential. However eating well doesn’t mean you have to be miserable! Follow the Nutrition Diva’s quick and easy ways to eat well and feel fabulous and allow Monica Reinagel to take the stress out of eating. Her simple and painless tips let you enjoy your food instead of fighting it!

The Marriage Challenge

With all your thoughts consumed by the wedding, it's easy to forget about the actual marriage and what happens after the big day. Listen to these smart podcasts from The Marriage Challenge series beforehand to prepare you for married life with your significant other. With episodes such as "Managing your money together" and "Guess who's coming to dinner: Building healthy relationships with the in-laws", this series provides valuable advice that will help before, during and after the wedding.


When it all gets a bit much and the stress of planning a wedding takes over, let Headspace give you a little, well, headspace. Start the day in the right way. Each morning, listen to these podcasts that talk you through guided meditation and allow you to take a moment to breathe, letting mindfulness work its calming magic.

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