Cameron Diaz reveals first impression of husband Benji Madden

The couple met in 2014

Cameron Diaz tends to keep her private life, including her marriage to Benji Madden, out of the public eye. However, she recently shared some inside information about her first impressions of the Good Charlotte frontman when they met back in 2014.

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The Charlie's Angels star, 49, revealed on the Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast that she met Benji through his twin brother Joel and sister-in-law Nicole Richie, and she thought he was very different from his brother.

"I met mine through my now sister-in-law and brother-in-law, I met them first and then they didn't set us up but we were in the same room because of them, and then we found each other," Cameron said. Speaking of Benji's twin brother, she added: "They're not the same, they're so different. Even though they're twins, they're very, very different obviously."

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The Bad Teacher actress recalled the first time she set eyes on Benji, telling fans she "saw him walking towards me and I was like, 'Huh, he's hot, I haven't seen him before.'"

But it wasn't just the physical attraction that drew her to her now-husband. "When I saw...who he was, that's what made me really be like, 'Oh you, you're special, you're the guy, you're the hidden gem in my life.'"

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The couple met through Joel Madden and Nicole Richie

Cameron and Benji dated for less than a year before the news broke that they were engaged in December 2014, when the actress was spotted wearing a gold engagement ring. 

The couple went on to marry in January 2015 in an intimate wedding at their Beverly Hills home, and welcomed their daughter Raddix four years later. 

Cameron Diaz was spotted with an engagement ring in December 2014

"We got married in our living room in front of our friends," Cameron previously told radio host Andy Cohen. "Had a little party in our backyard on the tennis court and yeah. Otherwise it would have been something else."

Speaking of their instant attraction, she explained: "It was one of those things where everyone tells you, 'You just know when you know.' I was like, 'What does that mean?' Oh, I get it. You just know when you know. Like you're my husband."

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