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Jemima reveals commitment to sons' Pakistan homeland

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Although Jemima Khan moved back to Britain four years ago, her heart is still very much in Pakistan. It is the birthplace of her two sons - 11-year-old Sulaiman, and Kasim, eight - and the homeland of their father, Jemima's cricketer-turned-politician ex-husband Imran Khan, who is currently under detention there.

At a recent pro-democracy rally in London the heiress – who speaks flawless Urdu and holds a master's degree in Middle East politics - was a prominent presence. And she continues to speak out passionately about both her ex-husband's goals and the situation in Pakistan.

"Jemima is very impressed by Imran's desire for change, and so are all the rest of the Goldsmith family," reveals one member of the London-based Pakistani intelligensia. "She is still very involved with the justice movement and she knows she has to give Imran points for trying in a political system where it's hard to get far if you don't have a political base."

"She could have just walked away, but she hasn't," adds the source.

As a UNICEF ambassador, Jemima also works to raise awareness of the plight of children in Pakistan. Speaking of the motivation behind her campaigning, the mother of two says: "When you see injustice… it's hard not to speak out."

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The society beauty's reaction in the wake of her ex-husband's detention in Pakistan shows divorce has not severed her fierce commitment to the land of their sons' birth Photo: © Rex

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