The recruitment manager from Buckinghamshire was the surprise winner of the boardroom battles on the fourth series of Sir Alan Sugar's The Apprentice
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After beating three other hopefuls during Wednesday night's gripping final, Lee (left) is to treat his girlfriend of nine years to the holiday of a lifetime in South Africa
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Sir Alan's new recruit Lee plans luxury African holiday for his girl

12 JUNE 2008
Sir Alan Sugar's new 100,000-a-year apprentice, Lee McQueen, plans to celebrate his win in the popular reality series by treating the two women in his life - his girlfriend and mum.

Subject to his new employer's approval, the recruitment sales manager from Buckinghamshire will whisk Nicola, his love of nine years, off on a luxury holiday to South Africa. His mother, meanwhile, will get central heating installed in her flat.

Lee, the son of a milkman, who bought his first flat at 18, beat three other hopefuls to land a coveted job with the tycoon. After the show, the 30-year-old told of his shock on hearing the millionaire tycoon utter the magic words: "You're hired".

"My heart missed a beat. It took a couple of seconds to sink in," said Lee, who was a surprise choice after a white lie was discovered on his CV by Sir Alan and he was caught doing strange pterodactyl impressions in front of the cameras.

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