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Ross Kemp tracks down pirates for new TV documentary

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hard man Ross Kemp has faced his most challenging TV assignment yet. He's been tracking down dangerous pirates operating on the coast of Africa for a new TV programme.

The actor-turned-documentary maker, who won a BAFTA for his 2006 report on gangs around the world, joined a British Navy anti-pirate warship crew as they searched for men who prey on cargo ships. Their efforts will be shown in a three-part series on Sky One this summer.

"Ross is used to roughing it, but this was a very different experience for him compared to your average war zone," said a Navy source. "The pirates are masters of disguise. It means when our crews approach a suspicious boat they don't know if they'll be confronted with a few fish heads or a cache of rocket launchers."

News of the series emerged in the same week as an American ship captain was rescued by US forces after being held captive by Somali pirates in waters off east Africa.

Photo: Rex
The soap star-turned-investigative journalist accompanied a British Navy warship crew on anti-pirate searches for a new three-part series to be shown this summer

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