Reunion planned for Susan and her beloved cat Pebbles as her icon hopes to visit

Reunion planned for Susan and her beloved cat Pebbles as her icon hopes to visit

TV chiefs hope a visit from her pet will lift the Scottish singer's spirits and aid her recovery. Plans are being finalised to bring him down to London or fly Susan up to Scotland for a brief rendezvous. Meanwhile Susan's heroine Elain Page says she wants to meet the singer as soon as she can. "I have so much advice I want to give her," she says
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Britain's Got Talent bosses are planning to surprise their recovering star Susan Boyle by reuniting her with her beloved cat. Details haven't been finalised yet, but the preferred option is apparently bringing Pebbles down to London so he can visit her in the clinic where she's staying.

"If doctors don't allow it, then Susan could be flown up to Scotland for a brief rendezvous," a show source tells the Mirror.

Forty-eight-year-old Susan has been missing Pebbles during her time away from her West Lothian home while she has been participating in the star search. One fellow contestant's mum said she borrowed her mobile to call home so Pebbles could hear her voice down the phone.

TV chiefs apparently hope an emotional reunion will lift the church volunteer's spirits and aid her recovery.

Since the singer entered the Priory there have been questions raised over the fairness of the final Britain's Got Talent vote. Hundreds of fans have complained about incorrect telephone numbers being displayed on Youtube videos of Susan's performance in the final.

They said the clips, which were posted unofficially, had been tampered with and showed her vote line as finishing with 07 or 09 rather than the correct numbers 08. Diversity, the winning group was eventually given the 07 number while the third-placed saxophonist Julian Smith had number 09.

A spokesman for the show said there were no plans for a recount, however. "We are satisfied viewers had ample opportunity to know which voting numbers to call," said the representative.

Meanwhile Susan's idol, West end star Elaine Paige, has said Susan should cut all ties to the programme that made her famous. "I want to tell her to stay away from everything for a while, and everyone connected to that show," she tells the Daily Express.

"I really want to meet her as soon as I can. I hope I might be able to visit Susan when she is feeling up to it as I have so much advice I want to give her."