'Dancing on Ice' star Chloe Madeley on her new love and her wild-child past

Dancing on Ice semi-finalist Chloe Madeley has introduced her boyfriend Glenn Crickmar, 24, in an exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO!, revealing that her parents “really like him”.

The budding TV presenter has also revealed that the support of her family while she takes part in the ice-skating contest has been invaluable. “I feel so happy and warm inside that I’ve made my parents proud,” she said.

Richard has even been stopped and asked for Chloe’s autograph. “He thinks that’s hilarious,” Chloe told HELLO!.

Chloe is surprised at the public support. “I expected the whole wave of nepotism to come crashing down on me,” she admitted. With her success in Dancing on Ice, Chloe now wants her father to appear in Strictly Come Dancing.

“He’s 50-50,” she told HELLO!. “In our family, with big decisions like that, we tend to ask each other and vote,” she says. “But my mum and brother are not so keen so I’m out-voted.”

The 23-year-old, who has an older brother Jack, and twin brothers Dan and Tom from Judy’s previous relationship, says the family are close knit, and she confides in her parents more than many of her contemporaries.

“There have been times when my parents could have gone really mad but they’ve illustrated to me that it was a mistake in some way and also helped me through it,” she told HELLO!.

Chloe has had her share of bad press, including the time when she was photographed smoking a bong, and when she overturned her car after a night out.

“With the exception of the car accident, which was a gross misjudgment on my part and something I really regret, everything that labeled me a wild child was pretty much standard behaviour for a young girl in London,” she says.

She also defended her recent comments about smoking marijuana.

“I don’t want to offend or upset people,” she said. “With the exception of skunk, which is really dangerous, I fail to see what all the fuss is about. Some of the most respectable intelligent and loving people I have worked with have smoked weed.”

She credits her mum and dad with keeping her level-headed. “Aside from the whole Richard and Judy fame thing, I am incredibly lucky they’re my mum and dad,” she told HELLO!.