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Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's Olympic mission for HELLO!

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Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has posed as the ultimate Bond Girl and shown how to beat the traffic as London gears up for the Olympics in an exclusive shoot for HELLO! magazine. The fast-living socialite was on superboat Shaken Not Stirred – as seen in the opening sequence of The World is Not Enough – which will be used by VIPS to ferry them from Battersea Heliport to the Olympic Park.

Tara Palmer

She reveals she will be cheering on Team GB and reckons she would be great alongside Daniel Craig saying: "I'm absolutely fearless, so I think I'd make rather a good Bond girl. My uncle Jeremy actually a ski stuntman in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, he was a double for Blofeld."At the end of her journey to the olympic village she said: "What a fantastic year for London. I can't wait for it to start now."

She said of the boat trip: "Complaining about monstrous traffic is our number one thing to do in this country, along with the weather, so to whizz down the Thames is such a nice experience.Honestly, the only other way to do it is to swim. If you can't boat, do a David Walliams and swim because he's a cool guy and the river is definitely the way to do it."In an interview to accompany the shoot, Tara, 40, says that she has recently acquired a new fan of her pianist skills: Madonna’s daughter Lourdes.

Tara Palmer

"A mutual friend gave Lourdes a copy of my CD and she sent a sweet message back," Tara revealed. "It was very nice of her to say that she love my disc. If she ever wanted piano lessons I would be delighted to teach her."Read the full interview in HELLO! Magazine, out now.

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