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Sir Richard Branson hosts 'eclectic' celebrity guests

sally wood
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Sir Richard Branson showcased his hospitality as he revealed that he had invited an "eclectic" group of celebrities to Necker Island this week. Kate Winslet, Ned RocknRoll, David Hasselhoff and Ronnie Wood were just a few of the big names that entered the idyll at the businessman's personal invitation. Posting a picture of the group on his blog, the billionaire has spoken about the "fascinating" people who he was "lucky enough to meet" on his private island.

Necker Island

"Incredibly fortunate living on an island just because of the sheer number of fascinating people who go out of their way to drop by," said the mogul. "This picture shows the fascinating eclecticism of people lucky enough to meet on Necker." The businessman continued: "Ronnie Wood and his new bride Sally, Rachel Hunter, Natalie Imbruglia and Kate Winslet came by Necker as well." It seems that the holiday will be a welcome return trip for newlyweds Kate and Ned, who first caught each other's eye on the island in July 2011. In a heartwarming turn of events, it seems that the couple might be taking their honeymoon on Ned's uncle's idyll without their children in tow. Another pair of newlyweds joined in the paradisal parade and escaped the disheartening winter weather. Animal lover Sally Wood was seen getting to grips with the island's wildlife as she chilled out amongst gigantic tortoises and cheeky lemurs.

Necker Island

"Time to start posting some tortoise shots, #hotlegs" joked the theatre producer on Twitter. "Lemur loving," read another photo, which showed the animal having a dance. Whilst Sally went zoological, her husband and Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood was having a bromance of his own. Partnering up with David Hasselhoff for a series of snapshots, it seems that the pair were inseparable. "Hanging out with Ronnie Wood in Necker, what a cool guy," posted the excited star. Sally was quick to get her own back, however, as a few hours later the Baywatch star posted: "Just got Hoffed by Ronnie Wood's wife Sally at poker." David Hasselhoff wasn't sad for too long however, as girlfriend Hayley Roberts joined in the fun. Showing off her tan in a white bikini, the Welsh former shop assistant was thrilled to be invited to the exclusive trip. "I am so lucky to have been able to go there," said the star. "Richard Branson leads an amazing life." Richard, who bought the 74-acre resort in 1978, has played host to a string of celebrities since his purchase. One Direction star Harry Styles was recently spotted relaxing in the businessman's hot tub to ease the pain of his split from Taylor Swift.

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