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Demi Lovato and Gwyneth Paltrow were equally starstruck when they met on a plane

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When Demi Lovato and Gwyneth Paltrow bumped into one another on a New York bound flight, it was hard to tell who was more starstruck. Gwyneth tweeted a picture of her and the 20-year-old American singer smiling, accompanied with a caption for her eight-year-old daughter Apple who is clearly a fan of the teen prodigy's music. "Apple! Check out who was on my flight!", she wrote.

Demi was equally thrilled to have met the actress and mum of two. "Gwyneth P. is SO nice!!!" she tweeted. "She wanted a picture with ME?!!! #COOL". She then wrote to the Shakespeare in Love actress, "So nice to meet you!!". But six hours previously, the Disney star had played down her enthusiasm. "Sooo... I'm sitting in an airport lounge and Gwyneth Paltrow is across the room. Had I not seen Contagion 10 times I'd probably be excited." As well as sharing their excitement, the actresses shared the same casual chic look too. Both wore khaki green jackets, slouchy t-shirts, skinny jeans and ankle boots for the flight.

That's not all they had in common. Both have been championing their causes recently. While Demi is encouraging her fans to go make-up free, 40-year-old Gwyneth is persuading hers to go gluten-free with her new cookbook. Demi herself has been sporting a more natural look and has urged her fans, who she calls the Lovatics, to do the same and resist using filters on their photos. "Ladies, be brave today... take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!," she tweeted to over 13 million followers last weekend. The songstress was met with an overwhelming response to her campaign and interacted with her fans, retweeting their flawless photos.

Gwyneth is currently busy promoting her new gluten-free cookbook, It's All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes that will Make You Look Good and Feel Great.