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'Gwyneth is incredible': 'Glee's Matthew Morrison chats to HELLO! Online

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Matthew Morrison is best known as choir director Will Schuester in hit television series Glee. But the actor, who began his career on Broadway, made waves in the music world after releasing his first album Summer Rain in 2011. Now, he is releasing his second album, Where It All Began, that debuts on 17 June. With classic Broadway songs including Guys and Dolls and Luck Be a Lady that harp back to his theatrical beginnings, his new musical offering will show a more grown-up side to Matthew. To celebrate the album's launch, HELLO! Online sat down with the actor/singer/dancer to chat all things Glee, Gwyneth Paltrow and his 'gorgeous' girlfriend.

This album is a lot less Glee The last album was the height of Glee, and I never wrote songs before so it was a bit more pop. Because I was riding the wave of Glee, it never felt as authentic. This second album is the album I always wanted to make – these are the songs I love singing and this is the music I was singing from a young age. Music-wise, I think I was born in the wrong era… I love 50s and 60s music and a lot of the music on this album is from those decades, combined with a contemporary spin. I always try and put a modern spin on them. The ballads, for example, I like to make them a bit more up tempo and bright – I want to show there's a big dance element to my shows. Working with Gwyneth Paltrow was incredible…She brought so much joy to that set. I mean, the show is called Glee, but she brought even more glee! She gets a bad rep sometimes, but I think there's a jealousy thing to it because she is the nicest human being. She is the best mother, the best wife, she is just incredible. I want to have a career like hers, and be that attentive to family as well. I loved working with Cameron Diaz What to Expect When You're Expecting She is exactly what you think – so much fun and so much energy. We had so much fun doing the show and we still maintain a great friendship out of that. I love her, she is just infectious; I love her energy.

My first television job was on Sex and the CityI played a bus boy. I had one line; you wouldn’t remember me. My first scene was with Sarah Jessica Parker. I said 'Will anyone be with you?' so yeah it was pretty funny and she remembered that. She and Matthew live in New York, and I have friends with her friends so we've known each other throughout the years; she is wonderful. I don't know how much longer I will be in GleeI love the show and I am so happy to have been a part of something so incredible, but it's hard because the show is about first times and first loves. I feel like they can write more for the younger kids, because there are more first times for them. So we'll see. My favourite Glee moment was dancing on the ceiling… Just recently, we did this old Fred Astaire number You're All the World to Me, and we did it in a room where you see me dancing on the wall and ceiling. But the way they filmed it, it was actually a room that rotated and it never stayed still. It was so much fun! Most people don't know Helen Mirren was on GleeWell, her voice was. She played a girl called Becky on the show with Downs Syndrome – she was her voice over. So in Becky's voiceover, she thinks she is the Queen. Helen is wonderful.

Dance is where my true passion lies… It was the first thing I did in the arts – I started break-dancing when I was really young. Nowadays I call it 'broke dancing' because the next day I think 'Why did I do that?'! Dancing has always been my number one. But as I get older, it's harder to do.

My girlfriend is my dream girl… I met Renee at a Grammy party about two years ago. It was definitely one of those things – she walked into the room and she took my breath away, she's gorgeous. It's funny – you date your whole life and you definitely know what you want and what you don't want from going through the ringer, but Renee is definitely the one. I'd love to be a dad but I'm not rushing into that – I'd definitely like to be married before I have children. I love staying in with my girlfriend… I'm kind of a homebody. We love cooking together. We're also really into horses. I think there is nothing more romantic than going on a horseback ride with the person you love and just enjoying the beautiful animals and scenery. I can't say I don't like the female attention… Who doesn't?! I mean, if that's what people think about you, then that's great. I am just a normal guy living his life. Obviously you want to have fans, so you can have a career and make music, and hope people will like your music. People thinking you look great is a bonus. I helped my father deliver a few babies… He was a midwife so I grew up in that world! Growing up, I thought I wanted to be a mid-wife too… Until I went to the delivery room with him. At that moment, I thought 'No. not for me'. I don't really watch what I eat… If there's something I want to eat, I will eat it. But you know as you get older, your metabolism slows down a bit so I try to cut back on bread sometimes. I do feel pressure as an actor to stay in shape but the great thing for me is that I genuinely love working out and being active. I put body lotion on my hair… But that's all I do to it! It's important for me to look good, especially for the new album. I want to have a vintage style for it. I love the vintage eras, so I am trying to bring a bit of that into the album.

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