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Nicole Appleton breaks her Twitter silence over husband Liam Gallagher's lovechild

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Nicole Appleton has broken her silence on Twitter with an inspirational post, three weeks after she reportedly split from her husband Liam Gallagher.

The former All Saints singer has no doubt turned to her friends and family for support after the news emerged suggesting that Liam had fathered a love child with journalist Liza Ghorbani.Nicole, 38, was enjoying a holiday in Florida with her sisters Natalie, Lori and Lee when the scandal was revealed, and it seems that she has taken to Twitter to show how much their support, and that of her other close friends, has meant to her.

"Best friends are the people in your life that make you laugh louder, smile brighter, and live better," read a caption on a photo of three girls facing the sunset, spelling out "Love" with their hands. Nicole uploaded the image from her personal account on Friday, one of the first posts she's made since her public break-up.The blonde beauty seems to be doing everything she can to stay positive, and retweeted another uplifting quote a few days later."Remember to NEVER let people, life & unpleasant circumstances change the HAPPY vibrant person you USED TO BE #KeepGoin!," posted Nicole, taken from a Twitter user who goes by the handle @RevRunWisdom.Nicole, who has been pictured without her wedding ring, has remained in the US with her friends and family, while Liam was spotted back in London following his gigs in Spain.She has reportedly had no news from her husband, who

"hasn't bothered to call" since the scandal, according to Nicole's mother Mary.

"He phoned her the day before it came out and he hasn't been in touch since," said Mary. "She can't get hold of him. She's absolutely devastated. This is so out of character for the Liam I know.""Her sisters are supportive, but she is in a terrible state," added Mary. "It's like he's lost his mind… it's been a terrible shock. It feels like he's been living a double life."Nicole reportedly told her husband and former Oasis front man not to return to their marital home in London, at least not for a few weeks, and according to Mary, has no interest in having him back.Liam has denied the charges put forward by New-York based journalist Liza, who is suing the musician for £2 million in child support. 

Liam has also instructed his lawyers to pursue legal action against the New York Post for naming him in the article that first broke the news.

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