New mum Jennifer Ellison in 'terrifying' boat rescue

Jennifer Ellison and her husband were caught up in a "terrifying" real-life emergency on Wednesday when their boat's engine failed while they were sea fishing.

The former Brookside actress, who welcomed her second son Harry last month, and Robbie Tickle had to be towed ashore by the RNLI after getting into trouble just off the coast of Anglesey.



Jennifer revealed the drama on Twitter, writing, "Just been sea fishing with my hubby!! Needed to be rescued!!! Terrifying! Thanks so much RNLI." She also shared some photos of the incident.

The star said she feared for her life as high winds picked up, the engine of their 16ft dinghy cut out and an anchor failed to hold them.

The couple drifted miles out into the ocean, and had no signal on their phone to call for help.

"It was absolutely terrifying," she told the Liverpool Echo. "We anchored but the waves were so strong, they were coming over the boat. It was so scary.


"We drifted out into the open ocean. There was no-one in the vicinity and we couldn't use our phones to dial 999.

"We started trying to oar back to shore but it was too strong. It was about 40 minutes before we saw another boat and shouted for help.

"We didn't know if help was coming, but the next thing we knew, we heard all these sirens going off."

Jennifer and semi-pro boxer Robbie were towed back to Moelfre beach by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution after a quick 15 minute operation.

"It was embarrassing because it is a small seaside village and because alarms were going off about 100 people were standing on the shoreline watching us get towed," Jennifer added.


"I couldn't stop laughing, I think with nerves and seeing Rob's face. He was terrified. If he'd been with the guys he'd have been ok, but because he was with me he was protective."

Jennifer and Rob thanked rescuer Anthony Barclay in person after the incident.

"At the time of the rescue we didn't realise it was Jennifer on board," he said. "But after all the interest it has generated I wanted to thank her for helping raise awareness of the work of the RNLI charity and for showing her gratitude to the crew."

There was a silver lining to the day's events. Later that evening, Jennifer and Rob tucked into some delicious fresh mackerel.

"Well I must say that dinner made it all worth while!! Fresh mackerel caught by the hubby @RobbieTickle gorgeous," the mum-of-two wrote tweeted next to a photograph of their meal.