Peaches gives glimpse into Geldof-Cohen household with family snaps

Peaches Geldof has given a glimpse into the world of motherhood – with no frills.

In a series of messages posted on Twitter over the last couple of days, the mum-of-two has revealed that her youngest son Phaedra is sick with a bad cold and shown that it isn't only the little one who is suffering.

Peaches, 24, wrote in a moment of desperation: "Phaedra fell asleep for one hour earlier at 7 and has been up since then!! I am going insane here!"


The tweet continued, "We are in the dark on the bed with him crawling round all over my face breathing on me with his blocked nose and throat breath! This is what it sounds"

Bob Geldof's daughter posted an audio of her eight-month-old son’s breathing, complete with blocked nose.

Peaches, who clearly didn't like seeing her little one feeling unwell, wrote in another tweet: "Look at this tired face crawling round In the darkness. He wants to sleep but can't because of his cold. Sad!"

Phaedra, whose full name is Phaedra Bloom Forever Cohen, has been nicknamed by the star 'Wid Wid'. He is the younger brother of 20-month-old Astala, whose full name is Astala Dylan Willow Geldof-Cohen.

"Me and the sickest wid wid" wrote Peaches alongside a photograph of herself and Phaedra, in which she smiles with a brush of mascara and a pop of pink lipstick as she holds her son in her arms.

A new day saw a new selection of photographs, this time including shots of older brother Astala and his dad, Thomas Cohen.

In one Geldof-Cohen family snap, Peaches stands beside hubby Thomas while holding Astala.

In another, captioned, "Me and my big man", Peaches holds Astala in her arms. Considering her lack of sleep, the model and TV presenter looks surprisingly radiant in a floral top, a light coating of mascara and pink lips.