Gwyneth Paltrow shares some personal pictures on her Goop scrapbook

To be Gwyneth Paltrow! The actress has given fans a sneak peak at life as an A-lister by sharing a 'scrapbook' on her Goop website.

The selection of photos shows some of Gwyneth's treasures, including a number of new purchases like a new Fendi bag, an Opening Ceremony dress and a pair of snakeskin boots, captioned, "Man repeller? I don't care."

The stylish star also shared a picture of her perusing the rails at the Calvin Klein showroom and meeting Diane Von Furstenburg — "The madame, the myth, the legend."


A known foodie, Gwyneth couldn't help but share some of her favourite treats in the scrapbook. From a photo of the "best guac ever" at Bar Ama, to the "delicious" Hemingway Daiquiri at The Château, she gives her seal of approval to a number of yummy goodies.

The mum-of-two also posted a picture of a cookie made into the shape of her face. "Thanks for the present, but this is so wrong," she wrote.

Other snapshots in the collection include a picture taken of Gwyneth on the set of Glee, a picture promoting the "unbelievably good" second season of The Bridge and a bare-faced photo of the star wearing a custom-made chef jacket with 'Chef Gywneth' embroidered on it. "Yes, I'm a nerd," she captioned the image.