Piers Morgan and Jason Manford help cancer campaign reach £1 million goal

A teenage cancer sufferer has raised over £1million for the Teenage Cancer Trust after celebrities such as Piers Morgan, John Bishop, Clare Balding and Jason Manford took his campaign nationwide.

Stephen Sutton was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 but in 2012 was told it was incurable.

"Today I ticked number 30 off my bucketlist- "Hug an animal bigger than me"!!"

He made a bucket list which included crowd surfing in a dinghy and playing the drums at a Wembley Cup Final, but he also aimed to raise £10,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

After raising that total, he upped the goal to £1million and comedian Jason pledged his support by donating £10,000 and asking his Twitter followers to donate.

The online response then exploded and other celebrities pledged their support and donated, with John also donating £10,000.

On Tuesday Stephen posted his final Facebook post saying: "It's a final thumbs up from me! I've done well to blag things as well as I have up till now, but unfortunately I think this is just one hurdle too far. It's a shame the end has come so suddenly- there's so many people I haven't got round to properly thank or say goodbye too. Apologies for that."

In the hours following the messages, the campaign reached their goal as over £400,000 was donated, and on Wednesday Stephen tweeted to confirm the goal had been reached and thanked his followers.  

He added: "All future updates on this page will probably be from a family member. I hopefully may have the energy to write a few tweets (@_StephensStory). I will continue fighting for as long as I can, and whatever happens next I want you all to know I am currently in a good place mentally and at ease with the situation.

"That's it from me. But life has been good. Very good."