Harry Styles reveals massive new tattoo on bare torso


Harry Styles has revealed his latest tattoo — two fern branches spread across his hips.

The One Direction singer, 20, was spotted splashing around in a pool in Brazil with his friends, including band mate Niall Horan, when he unveiled his new inking.

Showing off his bare torso, Harry looked like he was having a whale of a time flicking his head back and soaking up the sun. The star successfully attempted a back flip from the edge of the pool, much to his and his friends' delight.


Harry Styles tattoo

Harry Styles flaunts his new tattoo

The new leafy tattoo was hard to miss, having been printed across Harry's lower abdomen. The inking perfectly mirrored the pair of swallows already etched onto Harry's chest, and sat just under his design of a large butterfly.

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It looked like Harry hadn't foreseen his quick dip in the water, as his friend had playfully shoved him into the pool. The toned singer was in hysterics as he resurfaced, trying to take off his clingy T-shirt and clutching at his hat as it floated away.


Harry Styles tattoo

Harry Styles has previously admitted he "regrets" some of his tattoos

Harry's new tattoo comes just two months after the Worcestershire-born hunk debuted a graphic inking of an anatomical heart on his left bicep. The body art was designed with valves, aortas, ventricles and all.

As the most tattooed One Direction band member, Harry has previously admitted that he regretted some of his artistic choices, which include one of a padlock, a 99p sign and squiggles.

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One Direction

One Direction kicked off their international tour in Columbia last month

Harry, Niall and their group of friends were at the luxury Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While Harry had enjoyed his refreshing dip, Niall preferred to stay dry and worked on his tan from the sundeck. Dressed in striped swimming trunks and a sleeveless white top, the Irish singer lay back on the lounger and looked completely relaxed.

One Direction kicked off their tour of South America in Columbia at the end of April, with Harry tweeting, "Columbia, thank you so much. You were the perfect way to start a tour. It's been a while and you were incredible. Love x."

The five-man band then travelled to Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

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