Love wins: Celebrities react as marriage equality is legalised across all 50 American states

On Friday 26 June, the United States Supreme Court legalised marriage equality across all 50 states. The news, a historic moment for America, led to an outpouring of joy and jubilation across social media, with celebrities among those to share their happiness.

"Love won. #MarriageEquality," TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres simply tweeted, after the news that five of the nine court justices decided that the right to marriage equality was enshrined under the equal protection clause of the constitution's 14th amendment.

"Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. " tweeted President Barack Obama, while J.K Rowling tweeted: "Wow. Another historic day for #MarriageEquality!"

Other celebrities also took to social media site Twitter to thank the courts, with How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris writing: "It's a new day. Thank you Supreme Court. Thank you Justice Kennedy. Your opinion is profound, in more ways than you may know. #huzzah."

"My eyes shine with tears as marriage equality is ruled the law of the land. What a pride weekend it shall be!" wrote Star Trek star George Takei, who mentioned this weekend's Pride weekend.

The UK will see marches taking place across the country, and London's annual parade taking place on Saturday 27 June.

"Sometimes a great big smile is enough. Maybe a leap of pure joy & a whoop of delight. OK, a skip & a punch in the air too. #SCOTUSMarriage", wrote British TV personality Stephen Fry, while British acting icons Sir Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi shared a video on Buzzfeed BFF on them throwing what appeared to be rainbow skittles in the air.

With Queen's We Are The Champions playing in the background, the pair exclaim: "Well done, Supreme Court!

"Well done, at last!"

Celebrating marriage equality with Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi !!!!

Posted by BuzzFeed BFF on Friday, 26 June 2015