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Hollyoaks actress Sarah George responds to body shamers

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Hollyoaks star Sarah George has spoken out to defend herself following recent speculation on Twitter that she is pregnant or has gained weight. The actress, who plays Celine McQueen in the Channel 4 soap, took to social media to publicly confront the body shamers."No wonder so many people have eating disorders (after) body shaming," she wrote. "Put a bit of weight on over Xmas while on holiday (we're all guilty of it) come back to work, wear a typical McQueen dress & get tweets asking if you're pregnant of just fat when it airs in April. To set the record straight, no I'm not."

sarah © Photo: Instagram

Sarah George has hit back at body shamers on Twitter

She continued: "When did it become okay to comment constantly on people's appearances so negatively? I'm healthy, happy and I exercise regularly & I'm sorry I didn't fit into my dress as well as people seem to want me to.

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"I was brought up on if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. In this day and age you'd think people would have learned how important it is to celebrate each other rather than think of ways to bring them down. I'm okay though ta. Just an idea."

sarah george © Photo: Twitter

The star's response was commended by fans and co-stars

Her co-stars rushed to commend Sarah for taking a stance. Rachel Adedeji, who plays Lisa Loveday, wrote: "Preach it sis! Some people are just haters. You're amazing, talented and very sexy. So much respect for you xx."Annie Wallace – headmistress Sally St. Clair in the soap – tweeted, "@sgeorge92. Brilliantly put my love. You're 100% gorge xx", while James Sutton, who stars as John Paul McQueen, added: "@sgeorge seconded. Gorgeous and talented x."

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