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We forgot Holly Willoughby starred in this S Club 7 film!

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A video of Holly Willoughby starring in S Club 7 TV film Artistic Differences has resurfaced, showing the This Morning presenter trying out her acting chops as a teenager.


In the 2000 TV film, Holly appears as Paul Cattermole's "first proper girlfriend" Zoe, who taught Paul "how to kiss". After emailing Paul asking to meet up, the star walks to meet the band member in a flattering black dress, reconciling with her ex-boyfriend.



Holly appeared in the S Club 7 TV film Artistic Differences

In the hilarious clip, in which Holly is around 19 years old, the pair flirt over dinner before a talent agent interrupts, signing pedicurist Zoe up to his agency while Paul sulks over the disruption.

Later in the film, the couple go for a romantic walk while Holly wears a 90s-esque halter neck tank top and jeans. She is impressed by Paul's popularity in L.A., asking him: "So I know someone with connections?". However, Paul then notices a billboard of Holly in her bra in the street and says: "holy cow", discovering that Zoe has already began a successful modelling career.


Paul goes to visit Holly's character at a photoshoot, where they show a montage of her modelling lingerie. The S Club 7 band member eventually breaks up with Zoe after he worries that their relationship won't work out as her career has just taken off and she won't have time for him in her new life.

The presenter has had a hugely successful career following her attempted acting career, and recently won the Best Live Magazine category at the NTA awards with her co-host, Phillip Schofield. To celebrate their win, the couple hilariously stayed out all night partying and hosted This Morning the next morning wearing the same clothes as the night before.

Phillip has since revealed that Holly was the one who convinced him to enjoy the evening, telling Alan Carr's Chatty Man: "There is always one of us that is quite sensible and so I was on my way home and I got a voicemail from Holly. It was like a Martin Luther King voicemail.

"'She said, 'Don't be that man. Don't be that man that goes home. Don't be that man that's professional. Don't be the man that missed the fun. Come out and play!'"

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