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Tom Hiddleston on his romance with Taylor Swift: 'It comes down to being authentic'

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It's been quite a year for Tom Hiddleston. He first captured the public's attention with his role in The Night Manager, which earned him his first Emmy nomination and sparked those James Bond rumours. And then, of course, there is his fledgling romance with Taylor Swift, which has generated an unprecedented amount of media interest.  The 35-year-old actor was asked by People how he is handling the new attention during an appearance at Comic Con on Saturday.


Tom Hiddleston was asked about his summer in the spotlight during an appearance at ComicCon

"I don't know, it comes down to being authentic," he replied. "Everything you do you have to make sure you truly believe in it, and as long as you know that, it doesn't matter what anyone else says about it because the nature of being a public figure is that everyone will have an opinion about anything you do, and as long as you know why you've done something and you've committed to it with authenticity then you're okay."

The English actor also spoke about The Night Manager, and said he was "thrilled" that the six-part BBC series has earned 12 Emmy nominations in total.

night manager

The star earned his first Emmy nomination for The Night Manager

"I'm so proud of The Night Manager and the work everybody did in it, and to see it nominated for 12," he said. "To see Hugh Laurie nominated and Olivia Colman and (director) Susanne Bier, it's really, really thrilling.

"You never know when you make something when it is going to catch fire and people will receive it with the same passion in which it was made, and it felt like that so it's really exciting."

This month Tom returned to his hugely popular role Loki as filming began in Australia on Thor: Ragarok. "It's amazing to be back, amazing," he said of the superhero movie. "I've only shot for about a week, but it's so much fun because I haven't played the character for three and a half years, and the script is brilliant… I've shot a couple of scenes and it's just the best fun. It is like seeing an old friend again."

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