Pippa Middleton insists she's not a party girl: 'The word socialite really irritates me'


Despite being one of the world's most photographed women, Pippa Middleton has insisted she is not a "party girl" as she discussed the challenges of being part of the extended royal family.

In her first major interview since announcing her engagement to James Matthews in July, the younger sister of Kate Middleton put rest to claims which suggest she used her connections to elevate her celebrity status.

The 33-year-old stressed her particular dislike at often being referred to as a "social butterfly" and told The Daily Mail she hopes that her new book change people's negative perceptions of her.


Pippa Middleton has insisted she is not a "party girl" in a new interview

"People see me as someone privileged who has used my position to advantage; that I don't really work, that I am a socialite - that word really irritates me - and that I'm a party girl without any substance," she confessed.

Over the past year, Pippa has been busy working with the British Heart Foundation on her second offering - entitled Heartfelt - a cookbook which features over 100 recipes for a heart healthy lifestyle. 

The budding author was thrust into the limelight in 2011 when she acted as bridesmaid at sister Kate's wedding to Prince William.

The 33-year-old announced her engagement to James Matthews in July

Pippa also went on to admit that she had to develop "quite a thick skin" to deal with the constant glare that can occasionally be "unnerving".

"I guess it's become the new normal for us. It means there are factors we have to weigh up and think about, but we try not to let it affect us," she explained.

"I try not to be too sensitive about things because it's just a bit of life I have to deal with. But I would be lying if I said it didn't affect me."

Meanwhile, Pippa and her fiancé James - who have been together since last year - are expected to have one of the biggest weddings of 2017.