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When Kanye West met Donald Trump: all the details

Ainhoa Barcelona
Ainhoa BarcelonaContent Managing Editor
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It's not a sight fans expected to see – Kanye West strolling into Trump Tower in New York. On Tuesday morning the rapper attended a 15-minute meeting with President-elect Donald Trump and Donald's daughter Ivanka, in which they discussed "multicultural issues".

Kanye took to Twitter to clarify the details of the meeting, revealing that the group focused on issues in his hometown Chicago.

"I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues," Kanye tweeted. "These issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernising curriculums, and violence in Chicago."

The Gold Digger rapper added: "I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change."

kanye west3© Photo: Getty Images

"Man, you take care of yourself, I'll see you soon," Donald told Kanye

Kanye, 39, concluded his series of posts by hinting that he was going to run for presidency in 2024. The artist has previously revealed his plans to run in the 2020 elections.

Kanye, Donald and Ivanka all posed for a photo with the President-elect giving his signature thumbs-up gesture. He personally escorted Kanye down to the lobby of Trump Tower to say goodbye, an honour he has only extended to one visitor before.

"We're just friends, just friends," the politician told reporters. "He's a good man. Going well. Long time – we've been friends for a long time. Life, we discussed life." Kanye, meanwhile, simply told photographers: "I just want you to take my picture right now."

kanye west2© Photo: Getty Images

The President-elect escorted Kanye to the lobby of Trump Tower

According to TMZ, Kanye requested the meeting and Donald obliged. There was no talk, however, of Kanye performing at the politician's upcoming inauguration.

Kanye appeared to be in high spirits, a far cry from his recent mental and physical state. Until last week he had been in hospital in Los Angeles recovering from a reported nervous breakdown. "Man, you take care of yourself, I'll see you soon," Donald told Kanye as he left.

kanye west1© Photo: Getty Images

The pair discussed multicultural issues

The rapper has openly admitted that he did not vote in the 2016 elections, but that he would have voted for Trump. After calling the man a "genius" during his concert in California, Kanye was booed by the crowd. California predominantly voted for Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton.

Kanye's friendship with the property mogul may come as a surprise to fans, especially after his wife Kim and her family openly supported Hillary. In September Kim said: "Without a doubt, I stand with Hillary. I'm with her. I believe Hillary will best represent our country and is the most qualified for the job."

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