Coleen Nolan's son Shane Richie Jr changes name to Nolan to support mum

Emmy Griffiths

Shane Richie Jr has revealed that he has changed his surname to match his mums, Coleen Nolan

The singer made an appearance via video link on Thursday's Loose Women to chat about his decision on how to support her while she is takes part in Celebrity Big Brother. He said: "I'm going to support my mum and change my name to Shane Nolan. She knows nothing about it. It's Nolan now." He spoke about watching her on the show, explaining why he doesn't like to see her cry. "It's never nice seeing a parent cry and especially my mum because she's like my best friend," he said. "We never see her cry, she hates to do it in front of us." He revealed he had only seen her break down a handle of times, saying: "One was last time she was in Celebrity Big Brother, one was when she hurt her back, and the other times were when there were deaths in the family. I think she personally hates crying in front of her children."

When a Twitter user asked him what his dad, Eastenders actor Shane Richie, thought about him changing his name, he replied: "He will be cool about it I'm sure." He then made it clear that he was only changing his stage name, tweeting: "Guys can I just clarify that I've changed my stage name, that's all." and thanked his supporters, writing: "Honestly you have no idea how much your positive comments mean to not just me but my whole family. Now let's all make sure she wins." The singer also spoke about his mother's marriage difficulties with her partner Ray, admitting he wasn't sure that they would be able to work things out. "At the minute, it doesn't look great, but I hope so," he said. "Ray's been there since I was 12. He's a great friend and great step-dad, but I can't speak on behalf of him." 


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