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Phillip Schofield reveals how he met his wife through television

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Phillip Schofield has opened up about how he met his wife Stephanie Lowe as he continues to promote his new series, Schofield's South African Adventure. Speaking to Christine Lampard on Friday's Lorraine, the 54-year-old presenter shared his delight about working with his wife again on the brand new show. "She worked in television years ago," he explained. "That was how we met, so she can do it, she just doesn't want to these days."

The couple, who have been married since 1993 and share two daughters together, first met when Stephanie worked as a BBC Production Assistant while he was doing children's television. The father-of-two went on to reveal his wife's reluctance to work in the industry. "She told me, 'I do trust you,' so she will only film with me," he added. "She got more into it as we went along."

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Phillip Schofield and his wife Stephanie have been married since 1993

The documentary was initially supposed to be a special segment for This Morning. However, it proved to be very successful and therefore went primetime. Speaking about the filming process with wildlife creatures, Phillip added: "I learned she can't drum. She is a very poor drummer. On tonight's episode, I abseil off Table Mountain and she said, 'no thanks' to that. Next week, we do some work with rhinos. I really never forget how lucky I am."

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Next week's episode will see the couple travel to Cape Town, where they come face-to-face with some rhinos. During filming, they even went diving with sharks. Phillip explained: "They get a really bad press. There is a catastrophe happening in the seas with the killing that goes on. We could see a world without them in the future. They are very important to the food chain and very majestic."

Schofield's South African Adventure continues on Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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