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Barack Obama gave a wedding cake to Eva Longoria – find out why!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Eva Longoria revealed that former US President Barack Obama sent her a wedding cake on her special day to congratulate her on her marriage to Pepe Baston – and even claimed it was his idea the pair got hitched in the first place! According to the star, she and Pepe visited the White House while they were dating, and Barack asked her now-husband: "'Pepe, why don't you marry Eva?' and Pepe said: 'Ah, hey, oh!'" She continued: "At the wedding, the letter [with the cake] said: "How great that is was my idea and you did it."

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eva longoria© Photo: Getty Images

Eva spoke about why Barack sent her a wedding cake

The former Desperate Housewives star was full of praise for the former President, and confirmed that off-camera he was "very cool". The happily married star recently opened up to Mario Lopez about her relationship with Pepe, saying: "He's amazing! He's the best thing about me now… I'm pretty amazing, so for me to say that, he has to be pretty amazing! He's just amazing and loving and sweet. I'm so traditional — I love being in the kitchen and cooking, making sure dinner is ready, that's just me, not that it's for everybody, and I'm a feminist. I think I have a really good balance in my life and he supports me in my career, and my ambitions, and my drive. He's one of the first people to get that."

eva 9© Photo: Getty Images

Eva tied the knot with Pepe in 2016

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Although the 41-year-old is clearly a huge fan of the former President, she revealed her thoughts on President Donald Trump after he was elected into office. "I'm also rooting for compassionate Donald to come out," she said. "I actually knew him prior to all of this and I remember I had a fundraiser for one of my child farmworker documentaries in New York and we invited everybody in New York and he couldn’t come and he sent me a note and he said, 'I'm so sorry I can't be there, I hope this helps,' and it was a check donating to this charity… and that's the Donald I knew and that's the Donald I remember."

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