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Johnny Depp names favourite body part – and it might surprise you!

johnny depp
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Johnny Depp had Ellen DeGeneres confused when he named the back of his head as his favourite body part during a series of Hot Seat questions. After Ellen asked him his favourite body part, he gestured behind him, saying: "Back there." When a bemused Ellen confirmed that he meant to back of his head, he said: "For the moment, uh huh," before joking that he gets "a little tinge of excitement" if it sees if in the mirror.

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He then added: "My shoes are my favourite part of my body," while Ellen exclaimed: "Your shoes?! That's not a part of your body." He also revealed who is favourite co-star was to kiss, joking that it was Javier Bardem before changing his answer to Penelope Cruz. While on the show, the star also opened up about his children - Lily Rose and Jack. He said: "[Lily Rose] is a woman, sort of. That freaks a dad out. But she handles it so well. She's so low to the ground, so cool about it. And Jack's 15… He plays guitar, drums. He's a very good artist. He's far better than I could ever be."

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Johnny chatted to Ellen about his favourite body part

The actor is currently promoting the fifth instalment of the hit franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, and opened up about playing Captain Jack during a trip to Disneyland Paris. "It's endless fun. He's a really fun character to play because I'm allowed to be as irreverent as I want," he said. "Each time out it's always something new between Geoffrey [Rush] and I. Geoffrey's character Barbosa and mine, they're like a husband and wife team that just sort of bicker at each other." While chatting to Ellen, Johnny also spoke about dressing up as his iconic character to visit children's hospitals. "I don't break character, I do as much stupid stuff as I can to make people laugh," he said. "I was a parent in a hospital once for a few weeks… So I know what it feels like."