Rochelle Humes talks weaning her daughters and why she and Marvin are more confident with their second child

The Saturdays star talks exclusively to HELLO! about her experiences as a mother for My First Savsé

Rochelle Humes is on a mission to keep things fresh when it comes to feeding her family, particularly daughters Alaia-May, four, and four-month-old Valentina. The Saturdays star says she and husband Marvin Humes are preparing to wean their youngest daughter, and so she jumped at the chance to launch My First Savsé, a new line of cold-pressed fruits and vegetables for babies.

"Alaia was a really hungry baby, so I knew when it was time to wean her," Rochelle says in HELLO!'s exclusive interview (below). "The guides say six months, but I started her on food at four month. I'll probably do the same with Vali. I think the girls take after me – I consumed so much when I was pregnant that they come out really hungry!"

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Rochelle is looking forward to seeing how Vali takes to My First Savsé's chilled mixes, and even employed big sister Alaia to taste test the results – although they haven't yet made anything in her surprising favourite flavour. "[Alaia] is obsessed with olives," Rochelle says of her daughter's mature craving. "Savse weren't around when I was weaning Alaia, though she did test them for me and loved them. I'm trying to consciously make an effort to get the best food down Marvin and me, but also our children, so these are a lifesaver for a lot of people."

The singer also reflected on the anxieties she felt juggling life as a first time mum four years ago. "You just feel awful… especially when you're back at work," she says. Rochelle added that her presenter husband might not have realised the full extent of the pressure she felt. "I'm sure he did [feel pressure] but he just goes along with whatever I say. As parents we both want to make sure that our kids are always getting the best, and he knows what I'm like and that I would've researched into something new or better."

The romantic couple are definitely enjoying being second time parents with baby Valentina. "You trust yourself," she says. "The first time everyone's telling you what you should do and you go along with it. The second time you can enjoy the experience a little bit because your head's already around the whirlwind phase."