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Mo Farah announces he is changing his name

The athlete has ended his glittering championship track career

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Gemma Strong
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Sir Mo Farah has revealed he is changing his name, following his shock defeat in the 5,000 metres at the World Championships in London. After the race, which marked the end of his major championship carer, Mo faced questions about his sporting legacy from reporters, and revealed he is ready to make some personal changes. "My real name is Mohamed," said the Olympic and world track champion, who will now focus on marathon running. "I just feel like Mo is done. I need to forget about what I have achieved and what I've done."

mo farah1© Photo: Getty Images

Mo Farah has revealed he will now go by the name Mohamed

The press conference became considerably more fraught and tetchy when the 34-year-old was asked about his relationship with Alberto Salazar, his American coach, who is still under investigation for alleged drugs offences. "It's like a broken record, repeating myself," he replied. "Why bring it up year after year, making it into headlines? I've achieved what I have achieved – you're trying to destroy it. You can write what you like. The fact is I've achieved what I have from hard work… year after year and delivering for my country. There's nothing else to be said. History doesn't lie."

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He was also asked about his desire to pass on his experience to the next generation. "Over the years, you guys have done many things to build a person up and bring them back down," he said. "The reality is, no matter what you do, I'm going to still keep fighting, keep working, making my country proud. I'm proud to be British and put my GB vest on and do it for my country. You can write what you like but, at the same time, I'm a clean athlete. I sleep well at night, hugging my kids, loving my kids, and showing them what's right. And that's all that counts."

mo farah beaten© Photo: Getty Images

The athlete was beaten by Ethiopia's Muktar Edris in the 5,000 metres

The star said he was sad to be leaving the track after so many years of success; he was beaten by Ethiopia's Muktar Edris in his final big 5,000m race. "It has definitely hit me," he said. "I got emotional on Saturday night. All good things in life must come to an end at some point. What goes up must come down. I wanted to end on a high. But it happens. The better man won on the day, that's part of athletics. Fair credit to the other guys to be able to go. They had three guys in their team – they said 'one of you won't get a medal'. To beat Mo, it's taken them six years to do it, but you've got to give it to them."

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