Judi Dench opens up about love life: 'You still feel desire. Does that ever go?'

Judi Dench compared her personal life to that of Queen Victoria in her new film

Judi Dench has opened up about her love life while discussing her new film, Victoria and Abdul. In the historical drama, Judi plays Queen Victoria, who strikes up a friendship with a young Indian clerk, Abdul Karim. Speaking about the Queen's adoration of the clerk and how romance isn't just for younger people, she told the Radio Times: "Well, of course, you still feel desire. Does that ever go? To the older reader, I would say: 'Don't give up.'"

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Judi opened up about her love life

Speaking about her co-star, Ali Fazal, Judi added: "You're in for a treat. He is very, very tall. He is extremely beautiful and he is an utterly delightful, charming man… and a good actor." The Shakespeare in Love actress is currently in a relationship with conservationist David Mills, after her husband of 29 years, Michael Williams, passed away in 2001. "I miss him but I talk a lot about him," she said of her late husband. "Little things can still catch you unawares... You can be laughing and quite suddenly it's as if somebody comes along with a hammer and you get this tap."

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Judi spoke about David during a recent interview with Good Housekeeping. She said: "He's not going to propose. No, no, no. Let's just pull ourselves together and be our age. I have a jolly nice friend. I don't know what the word is because I don't like the word partner. Chap? Will chap do?" She added: "One hot night during the summer we swam and had a glass of champagne in the garden and I said, 'This is so fantastic'. I get overexcited about things. I love having a laugh."